If you're hoping for some memorable sealife encounters on your next visit to Australia, this map will show you exactly where to find them.

A new interactive map will show you where to find Australia's marine wildlife. Image by Vicki Smith/Getty

It's been estimated that there are 8.7 million species on earth and potentially two million are in the sea. So if you're looking to spot unusual and interesting animals, it's always a good bet to turn your attention to the water. Australia is especially bountiful in marine wildlife treasures, with waters that are teeming with activity all year long. A new study from travel specialist Hayes & Jarvis has identified the hotspots around the country for marine wildlife-spotting. From dugongs and spotted wobbegong sharks in Brisbane to bottlenose dolphins in Darwin and blue whales in Adelaide, you can find these magical creatures on this interactive map.

Marine Migrations   Hayes and Jarvis (2).png
The map also provides information on each animal and guidelines on how to interact with them responsibly. Image by Hayes & Jarvis

The map will help you follow the path of some of the world’s most fascinating marine animals on their migration around Australia. You can also read about the animals included on the map and learn about the ways to interact with them in a responsible and sustainable way.

The friendly dugong can be found in the waters off Queensland. Image by

"We’re proud to launch this interactive tool that highlights the main migration routes of Australia’s marine wildlife to help holidaymakers experience these incredible animals in their natural habitat," says Helen Adamson, Hayes & Jarvis' commercial director. "The interactive tool also includes various tips to provide users with additional knowledge on how to respect the habitats of sea animals to help promote the importance of responsible tourism."

Many of Australia's wildlife is classified as threatened or endangered. If you're keen to help organisations who are working to protect these species, you can find a list of useful links through the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

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