If you believe your destiny is all in the stars, you may like to choose your holiday destination based on your star sign.

A dark and book-lined room features a bed with an alligator toy on it.
Spend Scorpio season in this New Orleans Airbnb © Airbnb

With this is mind, Airbnb has teamed up with Twitter-favourite, the Astro Poets, to match different star signs with both a destination and Airbnb stay best suited to them. Here is where they have chosen to give you inspiration for your next trip.


Those born under Aries love the glitz and pace of Brooklyn and find it a natural home for all of their ambitions, romantic and otherwise. But after they are done with their adventures, the thing they most need is a place to be a queen. The Poets have chosen a room in Brooklyn, with a hammock, overflowing green plants  and bright sunny views of the hustle and bustle of New York City’s ultracool borough.

An Airbnb bedroom with plants in Brooklyn
This room in Brooklyn has a hammock and overflowing green plants © Airbnb


There’s no other city that will fit the Taurean love of grandeur like Paris. It’s classic, romantic and full of history, and it allows Taurus to do their favourite thing, which is indulge - whether that’s in food, wine or art. This intricate apartment has a glorious view of Montmarte and Sacré-Cœur, and is full of natural light - something that’s very important to Taurus.


Geminis have a lot going on in their heads, so any sense of quiet solitude is welcome. From the moment they get to Bergen, they will feel the peace emanating from this penthouse apartment with its clean, cool white interiors and elevated bedroom tucked away in the hollows of the building’s roof. Most of all, they will enjoy how close the apartment is to all that's happening and how easily they can leave the clamour to be alone.

The interior of penthouse apartment in Bergen, Norway
The clean, cool white interiors of this apartment in Bergen appeal to Geminis  © Airbnb


Cancerians absolutely love small towns and enjoy getting lost and fully immersed in them, as they do with people. The Poets have chosen a spacious place in Malbec-land, Luján de Cuyo in Mendoza, Argentina, near the Andes Mountains, which has lots of big windows to check out what's going on.


Leos will adore the deep history of Milan and its vivacious nightlife. Whatever is the most glamorous will attract Leos' energy and they will relish in entertaining new friends in this charming room near the Brera district.

A room filled with books in Milan, Italy
This charming room is near the Brera district © Airbnb


Virgos take care of everything and everyone and often forget about themselves. So of course they have a fantasy of leaving it all behind and being in a perfect, secluded space, at least for a few days. This airship in Scotland couldn’t be farther away from anything and it has breathtaking highland views too.


Librans usually have a lot going on, so it will delight them to go to Harbour Island in The Bahamas and relax the stress away in this tiny mansion. There are many places to read a good book for hours, something Librans love to do, and it is near to restaurants and pink beaches.

Books and a hat in an apartment in The Bahamas
There are many places to read a good book in this Harbour Island Airbnb © Airbnb


Scorpio is arguably the most sensual sign in the zodiac. Scorpions are also mysterious and full of competing auras and energies, and that’s exactly why New Orleans is the perfect place for them. This apartment is warm and full of colour, and there’s a real retro vibe to all the spaces in it.


Sagittarians love their freedom, and there is something about this private space in Palo Alto, California that will make them feel free. There are plenty of places to take a nap, and Sagittarians will enjoy how quickly they can get to the surrounding activities in the town.

A bedroom with lots of books in California
There are plenty of places to take a nap © Airbnb


Capricorns are the hardest workers around, and they definitely need a vacation. But don’t be surprised if they take their work with them. They’re not exactly a “relax by the beach” kind of creature, and this minimalist, compact studio in an industrious city like Shanghai is perfect for them.


Aquarians have an old-fashioned love of ethereal beauty and will be drawn in immediately to this charming space in Minato-ku, Japan. Aquarians especially love 'just being' and will enjoy the generous bathtub and sitting spaces.

A window in a kitchen in Japan
Aquarians will be drawn to this charming space in Minato-ku, Japan © Airbnb


They might be emotional, but Pisceans are also wise and up for daydreaming or taking a spontaneous trip. They relish exploring and will love this gorgeous loft in Pinherios, Brazil, especially with its open space and clawfoot tub.

To see the full analysis, please see the Airbnb report with the Astro Poets here. 

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