After the eye-catching Walala Pump&Go gas station, the creative house Justkids has returned to Arkansas with another colourful project.

An overview of the Rainbow Embassy, an old residential house completely covered in bright colours
The Rainbow Embassy is Okuda San Miguel's latest project and marks his return to both Arkansas and Justkids © Justkids

The city of Fort Smith has a new “Rainbow Embassy,” a project created by the Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel, who has worked with Justkids before - for example, by creating kaleidoscopic animal statues for Boston’s waterfront.

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The Rainbow Embassy is a “public art intervention” that has taken over an abandoned building in downtown Fort Smith and turned it into an immersive artwork that’s impossible not to notice and brightens up everything around it.

A picture of the artist sitting on top of his creation's roof
The Rainbow Embassy is a repurposing of an old and abandoned residential house in downtown Fort Smith © Justkids

That’s very much the objective of the project within which the Rainbow Embassy was created, called “The Unexpected”. Its aim is to build vibrant spaces in Arkansas, and in this case specifically to “enrich the cityscape and the community” by creating “a space for wonder, vibrancy and play”.

The Rainbow Embassy was created within the larger project "The Unexpected" dedicated to bringing public art to Arkansas © Justkids

The newly-finished Rainbow Embassy will certainly be very appreciated by its neighbours, the students of local Darby Junior High school. The artist hopes that his work will bring “a touch of imagination into [their] daily lives, as they will get to enjoy the installation and watch it evolve through the seasons”.

The main audience for the artwork will be the students of the nearby Junior High school © Justkids

If you’d like to know more about Okuda San Miguel and his works you can check out his official website here, while this is the link for all the projects created by Justkids.

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