American Airlines has announced that it is adding more flights to Montana and Alaska, which will enable travellers to visit national parks there. This means that it will offer 17 routes to both states next summer.

You can see caribou in Denali National Park. Image: Martin Capek/Shutterstock

The airline will add four new seasonal flights to Montana from Philadelphia, New York City and Los Angeles. Based on the success of its new service to Glacier National Park Airport in Kalispell, it is also switching to a larger aircraft on the Dallas-Fort Worth and Chicago flights.

Glacier  National Park.jpg
There are new flights to Glacier National Park in Kalispell. Image: puttsk/Shutterstock

“National parks are a huge attraction for many families,” said Vasu Raja, vice president of network and schedule planning. “As soon as school’s out next year, our customers will have more than 145 weekly flights to and from Montana to choose from. This summer, we launched three new flights to Glacier National Park in Kalispell, and next summer, we’re expanding with more services to discover the natural wonders.”

Browsing deer grazing in Glacier National Park in Montana. Image: Danita Delmont/Shutterstock

The airline will also introduce three new routes to Alaska. It is providing two new ways to get to Alaska’s second-largest city, Fairbanks, through Dallas Fort-Worth and Chicago. The new routes will serve travellers who are looking to explore Denali National Park, check out caribou or learn about the unique glaciers. With the daily service beginning in May 2020, the airline is offering one-stop connections from 56 new cities. It is also introducing a new service between Chicago and Anchorage.

Denali 2.jpg
New routes to Alaska will enable travellers to visit Denali National Park. Image: kongxinzhu/Getty Images

You can check out the flights on American Airlines' website here.


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