With so many flights grounded thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, surplus airplane meals and snacks have become available to buy. If you're missing your favourite on-board treats, you can now order them to enjoy at home, while also helping the companies behind them to stay in business.

Two women eating on a plane
Passengers can purchase inflight snacks at home © Caiaimage/Rafal Rodzoch

Tamam Kitchen

Tamam Kitchen in Israel makes meals for Israel's El Al airlines, Turkish Airlines and other international carriers flying out of Tel Aviv. It is offering its inflight meals as a low-cost delivery option. The service received a boost when Israeli illusionist Uri Geller unpacked his vegetarian and vegan trays on Instagram.

United Airlines

If you're a fan of the Dutch waffles that are served on United Airlines, manufacturer Daelmans is offering these stroopwafels on home delivery. They come in individual serving sizes like the ones served on the planes, right up to luxurious gift tins of the caramel treats. United has also compiled some recipes for banana bread and ice cream sandwiches using the on-board snacks.

Travel News - Stroopwafel
Fans of the stroopwafel snack can order them to their house © United Airlines

Garuda Indonesia

The inflight caterer owned by the Indonesian carrier, Garuda Indonesia, has been selling airplane meals online in a promotion called Fly with Meals. They are served with a tray, plastic cutlery and sides. so you can recreate an authentic inflight experience.


Fans of Jetblue cheese snack trays can enjoy a selection of Emmi Roth’s best-selling cheeses with crackers, almonds and dried cherries for half the price they are usually offered on airlines. They are available from Imperfect Foods, which aims to eliminate food waste and support farmers and food purveyors when it comes to excess product.

The JetBlue cheese pack
Emmi Roth’s cheeses with crackers, almonds and dried cherries can be bought online © Imperfect Foods

Gate Gourmet

Inflight catering company, Gate Gourmet, has been selling frozen economy meals direct to the public in Australia. It is the provider of meals to Virgin Australia as well as catering services to various international airlines flying from Australia to Asia and the South Pacific.

Lockdowns are easing globally as the planet adjusts to a new normal. Find out how COVID-19 is changing travel.

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