To mark the end of the decade and inspire travellers for the new one, Airbnb has revealed which houses on the platform were the most wish-listed during the 2010s.

A picture of Cob Cottage in Canada
Among the wish-listed houses, there's also Canada's Cob Cottage which is made entirely of sustainable materials © Airbnb

Using data from 2011 to 2019, AIrbnb pulled together a list detailing which house was the most wish-listed for each of the years that made up the past decade.

A picture of Brazil's house and its private beach
This Brazilian house and its private beach was the most wish-listed of the past year © Airbnb

The most wish-listed house in 2019 was a modern house in Santa Catarina, Brazil, probably thanks to the private beach that comes with it. Beaches were actually pretty popular and several other houses listed were very close to the sea, such as the Santorini house that dominated 2018 or the Everview Suite in South Africa – the most wish-listed house for 2016 and just a few steps away from Camps Bay and the ocean.

A picture of the house in Santorini with its typical white colour
The house in Santorini was carved right from the cliffside and offers a beautiful view on the sea © Airbnb

One might also count 2015’s winner as sea-themed because, as the name suggests, all of Mexico’s Seashell House is made to resemble various seashells and features marine decorations throughout its rooms.

A picture of the Seashell House in Mexico
The Seashell House in Mexico and its unique marine décor are definitely striking enough to catch travellers' fancy © Airbnb

In 2017, a luxurious modern house in Thailand surrounded by papaya trees won the award, while a Bali treehouse topped the list for 2015. Travellers also dreamed of the Californian desert in 2012 and the Tuscan hills in 2011, both represented by beautiful isolated houses where guests could disappear from the world and relax.

A picture of the treehouse in Bali among the jungle
The treehouse in Bali also has a private pool and it's not too far away from the beach © Airbnb

You can find out more and start wish-listing houses for the new decade at Airbnb’s official website here.

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