Already run out of vacation time for 2019? You can start planning next year’s holiday to the most up-and-coming destinations, according to Airbnb. The home rental site compared its data on bookings for 2020, as of September 2019, compared to bookings made for 2019 as of September 2018, to find out just want spots are surging in popularity with travellers. 

Buildings line a riverway in the evening time.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin © joe daniel price / Getty Images

Milwaukee, WI, US 

This Wisconsin city will host next year’s Democratic National Convention, which might help account for a 729% year-over-year increase in interest from guests on Airbnb. While it may be a small city, it still packs in plenty of bars, restaurants, a Calatrava-designed art museum and plenty of scenic bike trails.

The Guggenheim Museum on the banks of a river.
Bilbao, Spain © JTPalacio / Getty Images

Bilbao, Spain

Whether you want to stop by the incredible Guggenheim Museum or show up for the 2020 Euros football championship, Bilbao is ready for visitors. The Basque city has seen a 402% increase in interest over this year. 

Buriram, Thailand © Chonratee Wongkhrua / EyeEm / Getty Images

Buriram, Thailand

Thailand is a perennial travel favourite, but even repeat visitors might find something new in Buriram, which has had a 383% boost in interest. The rural region is home to some of the country’s most amazing Khmer relics – and boasts the Phanom Rung complex, which is an alternative to the more famous Angkor Wat in Cambodia. 

A vineyard in autumn.
Sunbury, Australia © Airbnb

Sunbury, Victoria, Australia

Not far from the more popular city of Melbourne, this sunny suburb offers up plenty of benefits like wineries and Victorian-era architecture – and has seen a 356% increase in interest from Airbnb users. 

A castle on top of a hill in Romania.
Romania © Posnov / Getty Images


Europe makes it way onto every traveller’s bucket list – but if you’re looking for a country that gets you off-the-beaten-path, why not try Romania? With a 298% boost in interest, there’s no doubt people want to explore its beautiful villages, ancient forests and hip cities. 

Xi'an, China © DuKai photographer / Getty Images

Xi’an, China

Xi’an has long attracted travellers looking to see the incredible terracotta warriors. But a 255% boost in interest may come from the ancient city’s plans to offer 30 nighttime tour routes in 2020. 

Eugene, Oregon © Luís Henrique Boucault / Getty Images

Eugene, OR, US

Portland’s food trucks may get all the attention for travellers in Oregon, but Eugene has been making a name for itself as a hub of organic food. The city has also committed to going carbon-neutral next year – which may account for a 213% boost in interest. 

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