Airbnb users can see a magic show in London with a record-breaking skydiving magician or meet chef Joe Calderone in his New York kitchen to sample his 'world's most expensive milkshake' as the booking platform launches a new collection of experiences hosted by Guinness World Record holders.

Getti Kehayova - Largest Hula Hoop Spun
Airbnb is offering a new collection of experiences with Guinness World Record holders. Image by Airbnb

To celebrate the launch of the new Guinness World Records 2020 book, Airbnb is offering exclusive experiences hosted by record holders around the world through 15 workshops or masterclasses. Guests can travel to Las Vegas to meet Getti Kehayova, who holds the record for the 'largest hula hoop spun' by a female or travel to Berlin for a workshop with Dunja Khun, who holds the record for the 'most hula hoops spun simultaneously on multi-body parts' (299 to be exact).

Brittany Walsh - Farthest Arrow Shot Using Feet_010.jpg
Brittany Walsh, current record holder of the 'Farthest Arrow Shot Using Feet'. Image by Airbnb

Over in Portland, Oregon, Airbnb users can meet Brittany Walsh, holder of the 'fastest arrow shot using feet' and learn some circus and acrobatic tricks. She'll even demonstrate upside-down archery – for which her 12.31 metres holds the 2020 world record. In Ohio, guests can explore the 'largest collection of trolls' with Sherry Groom. As the founder and curator of the Troll Hole Museum (8130 trolls), Sherry earned her place in the Guinness World Records 2020 edition and is now hosting an interactive tour through the museum for Airbnb users.

Lisa Pitman - Most pine boards broken in one minute with one hand (male) -0330.jpg
Lisa Pitman and her husband Chris invite guests into their power-breaking world. Image by Airbnb

In Kent, England married couple Lisa and Chris Pitman secured a Guinness World Record by smashing over 500 pine boards between them in one minute. They'll show guests how to smash tiles, boards, blocks and bricks with their bare hands during their Airbnb Experience. While in London, skydiving magician Martin will demonstrate how he won the title of 'most magic tricks performed in a single skydive' with his two-hour magic show.

Kevin Nicks - Fastest Garden Shed-0032 (1).jpg
Kevin Nicks is the record holder of the 'world's fastest garden shed'. Image by Airbnb

There's even an invite to ride the world's fastest garden shed (yes, really) in Gloucestershire. Kevin Nicks is the record holder for such a vehicle after coming up with an idea that would make dropping his daughter off to school a bit more fun. Now Airbnb users can ride the fully approved road-legal shed-on-wheels and see it reach speeds of over 80mph first hand.

You can see Airbnb's complete collection of Guinness World Record Experiences here.

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