Taking a plane can at times be boring or stressful, depending on the day. So it’s always great when a distraction appears to help lift your spirits as the plane lifts off. One such recent example is an Air New Zealand flight attendant who has been thrilling passengers by singing over the intercom.

Air New Zealand's Cecilia singing for passengers
Air New Zealand's Cecilia singing for passengers © Air NZ

The flight attendant, whose name is Cecilia, has taken to starting flight announcements with her own rousing rendition of Simon & Garfunkel’s 1970 hit of the same name. The airline shared a video on its social media channels that showed the reactions of passengers, which ranged from applause and amused laughter to singing along. The video received hundreds of shares and comments, many of which were from customers who had come across Cecilia themselves. “We flew with [Cecilia] last weekend from Nelson. Great vocals!! Loved the vibe in our small plane, you made our trip home a happy one,” one passenger wrote.


According to the company, the flight attendant has been blown away by the positive responses online and plans to continue the ritual. “I’ve spoken to the flight attendant Cecilia who’s told me that she will be keeping the singing up!” a representative of Air New Zealand told Lonely Planet.

It seems that the displays of talent have really struck a chord with the airline, as this week Air New Zealand posted a new video on Facebook titled “another rising star” that featured a male flight attendant giving his best take on the song Amazing Grace, something that was also appreciated by happy passengers.

A few years ago, an AirAsia employee wowed the internet by creating their own version of Britney Spears' classic Toxic music video.

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