To celebrate the South Korean film industry, Seoul got a new and unique cinema that transforms the movie-going experience into a gravity-defying one.

A shot of the AIR Cinema from the side
The design for the pavilion was also the Gold winner of the Asia Design Prize in 2020 © GBO / Image Bakery

Located in the middle of Seoul, AIR. Cinema celebrates the first 100 years of the country’s movies with a pavilion that looks like a cross between an old circus-like tent and an inflatable bouncy castle.

A shot of the inside of AIR Cinema with the robotic arm
The robotic arm is set inside the pavilion and it's semi-visible from the outside as well © GBO / Image Bakery

The actual attraction consists of a robot arm that carries four visitors at a time spinning around inside the pavilion, kind of like a rollercoaster, while they’re wearing virtual reality goggles and experiencing a selection of movies carefully restored for the occasion by the same company that designed the AIR. Cinema, GBO.

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The attraction  "expands the film from the area of viewing into the field of gravity experience," according to its owner. The inflatable white air pipes help give the structure different and interesting volumes, while the triangular pattern on the pavilion itself helps regulate the light and temperature inside.

The pavilion will only be temporary, but it has been developed to travel easily around the country with minimal intrusion and be quick to install and dismantle. According to GBO, it might be a new frontier of cinema in this digital streaming age.

A shot of AIR Cinema from the front
The pavilion is temporary but it can be easily been transported around the country and assembled with as little trouble as problem © GBO / Image Bakery

If you’d like to know more about the AIR. Cinema pavilion or GBO, you can check out the company’s official Instagram page here.

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