A man who rescued two abandoned puppies he found in the Arizona desert has turned them into the perfect travel companions. Jordan Kahana (30), who is originally from Chicago and now living in LA, has been on a series of adventures over the past year with the adorable dogs, whom he named Sedona and Zeus.

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This man rescued two abandoned puppies and is taking them on an epic road trip. Image: Jordan Kahana

Back in December 2016, Jordan was working in the area of production and media, and he went on a road trip from LA to Breckenridge, Colorado over the Christmas and New Year holiday break.


Sedona and Zeus are a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix and are now 16 months old. Jordan documents their travel adventures on social media and they have legions of followers.


"Being with my dogs all the time is the best part of travelling," he tells Lonely Planet, "as well as seeing their faces when we get to a new dog park or go on a hike. They push me through the hard times."

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Jordan Kahana with his two rescue dogs, Sedona and Zeus. Image: Jordan Kahana

Jordan, Sedona and Zeus are currently finishing up a route from Chicago to LA, taking Route 66. Although pee breaks present the biggest challenge, Jordan wouldn't change a thing about being on the road with his beloved pooches.


Naturally the adorable dogs are a hit wherever they go. "Every now and then people ask if they are the dogs from the highway?" says Jordan. "Usually it goes, "They're so cute! What breed are they? Are they brother and sister?"

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Jordan Kaha amd his dogs, Zeus and Sedona, are known as the Adventure Squad. Image: Jordan Kahana

You can follow the adventures of Jordan, Sedona and Zeus on Instagram and YouTube.

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