This £150 million mega-yacht designed for the mega-rich is the ultimate in sailing luxury. The boat, which is over 100 metres in length, puts the emphasis on "indoor-outdoor" living.

This £150m Superyacht is unique in that each one is made to order
This £150m mega-yacht - with helipad to facilitate guests coming and going - is unique as each one is made to order

For instance, it has an outside space which lets seawater gently splash on board, meaning pampered guests don’t have to leave the deck to paddle.

The design is internal to external
The design of the £150m mega-yacht puts the emphasis on internal-external living

The Hareide 108-metre mega-yacht has a main deck which features a double-height floor-to-ceiling window. According to SuperYacht World, this is “a grand hall” for guests to enjoy. Based on a classic mono hull design, the Sun reports that the opulent vessel possesses an exclusive combination of elegance and modernity with its Scandinavian design. It also seeks to include eco-friendly components.

The hall creates
The  £150m mega-yacht's main deck features a double height floor-to-ceiling window

Elevated dining and viewing areas are located above the main deck. A special feature is the 20-metre pool which is surrounded by a garden with a grassed area and soothing climbing plants. This luxurious yacht is only manufactured to order by Hareide Design, a Norwegian based firm who are taking the current superyacht era to newer mega-yacht heights.

It's the lap of luxury
Guests can paddle in sea-water on board without ever having to leave the luxurious surroundings of the £150m Megayacht

Einar Hareide, founder of Hareide Design claims: "today’s mega-yachts are most often designed like floating luxury hotels." His company's mega-yacht concept, he says,  seeks to switch from “extrovert admiration” by creating a platform for actively experiencing both the changing elements and the beauty of nature. The boat contains 300-sq-metres of high-efficiency solar panels. These will charge batteries so that the vessel will have its own sustainable energy. They are also sufficient to power the boat during slow cruising times.

pool in the middle
The soothing garden with grassed area and climbing plants surrounds the 20 metre pool on board.

When undertaking higher speed or longer distance journeys, the diesel-electric propulsion becomes the better option. There is also a helipad on board to allow people to come and go.

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