Lake Rotokura

Taupo & the Ruapehu Region

For some peaceful moments away from the mountains, consider a walk to this bush-smothered lake, the centrepiece of the Lake Rotokura Ecological Reserve, 14km southeast of Ōhakune. The track passes the paradoxically named Dry Lake, which is nothing of the sort, and then rises over a low wooded ridge to larger and less-reedy Lake Rotokura, 15 minutes from the car park. Rotokura is tapu (sacred) to Māori, so eating, fishing and swimming are prohibited, but there are picnic benches back by Dry Lake.

A more overgrown track loops for another 20 minutes around Lake Rotokura.

To get here, drive 11km southeast along SH49 from Ōhakune, then 3km from the turn-off along Karioi Station Rd. Cross the railway line and continue until you reach the car park at the road's end.

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