Taranaki Aviation, Transport & Technology Museum

New Plymouth

Around 9km south of New Plymouth is this roadside museum, with ramshackle, interactive displays of old planes, trains, automobiles and general household miscellany. Run by volunteer enthusiasts, the collection is always growing, thanks to donations. Play pilot in the cockpit of the Harvard plane.

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1. Hurworth Cottage

2.63 MILES

This 1856 cottage, 8km south of New Plymouth, was built by four-time NZ prime minister Harry Atkinson. The cottage is the sole survivor of a settlement…

2. Tupare

3.03 MILES

Tupare is a Tudor-style house designed by the renowned architect James Chapman-Taylor. It's as pretty as a picture, but the highlight of this 7km trip…

3. Brooklands Park

4.72 MILES

Adjoining Pukekura Park, Brooklands Park is home to the Bowl of Brooklands, a world-class natural amphitheatre and sound-shell that hosts the annual WOMAD…

4. Brooklands Zoo

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A short drive uphill from the city centre in Brooklands Park is this farmy little zoo. Adorable cotton-top tamarins, wandering chooks and the walk-through…

5. Fun Ho! National Toy Museum

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Inglewood’s cute toy museum exhibits (and sells) old-fashioned sand-cast toys. It doubles as the local visitor information centre. Everybody shout, 'Fun…

6. Pukekura Park

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Lush Pukekura has 49 hectares of gardens, playgrounds, trails, streams, waterfalls, ponds and display houses. In summer, rowboats (per half-hour $15)…

7. New Plymouth Observatory


Atop Marsland Hill (great views!) is this wee observatory, with one of the most powerful public-access telescopes in NZ.

8. Kibby Carillon

5.43 MILES

On top of Marsland Hill is the cacophonous 37-bell Kibby Carillon, a huge automated glockenspiel-like device that tolls out across the New Plymouth…