Karikari Estate

The Far North

Part of the Carrington Resort complex, Karikari Estate produces wines of all hues and has a cafe attached. While the wine tastings are shamelessly overpriced, at least the sublime views are free.

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1. Butler Point Whaling Museum

11.59 MILES

This small private museum is set in lovely gardens at Hihi, 15km northeast of Mangonui. The centrepiece is a still-lived-in Victorian homestead built by…

2. Gumdiggers Park

12.56 MILES

Kauri forests covered this area for 100,000 years, leaving ancient logs and the much-prized gum (used for making varnish and linoleum) buried beneath…

3. Te Ahu Heritage

18.88 MILES

The eclectic exhibits of the Far North Regional Museum feature natural history and local cultural stories. Artefacts include kauri gum, carved greenstone…

4. Te Ahu Centre

18.88 MILES

This civic and community centre features a cinema, a theatre, a tourist information centre, a gallery and the Te Ahu Heritage exhibits of the Far North…

5. Okahu Estate Winery

20.92 MILES

Just south of town, off the road to Ahipara, Kaitaia's only winery offers free tastings and sells local produce, including the famous Kaitaia Fire chilli…

6. Great Exhibition Bay

26.29 MILES

On the east coast, Great Exhibition Bay has dazzling snow-white silica dunes. There’s no public road access, but some tours pay a koha (donation) to cross…

7. Ahipara Viewpoint

26.52 MILES

This spectacular lookout on the bluff behind Ahipara is reached by an extremely rough road leading off the unsealed Gumfields Rd, which starts at the…

8. Shipwreck Bay

26.63 MILES

The best surfing is at this small cove at Ahipara's western edge, so named for shipwrecks still visible at low tide.