Wildlife Display & Information Centre

Chitwan National Park

Aimed more at school groups than tourists, this educational centre has displays on wildlife, including a rather macabre display of animals in formaldehyde, skulls, plaster-cast footprints and a collection of animal dung. If that doesn't do it for you, there's the stuffed gharial: one glance and you'll never swim in Nepal again.

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2. Tharu Cultural Museum

1.23 MILES

For those with a serious interest in Tharu culture, there’s a tiny Tharu Cultural Museum in Harnari. It has displays of ornaments and a rakshi distillery…

3. Crocodile Breeding Project

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A few hundred metres past the park headquarters in Kasara is a crocodile breeding project, where you can see both gharials and marsh muggers up close. The…

4. Shashwat Dham


Burned out on ancient sites? Here's a contemporary take on the temple compound, and it's very impressive. The centrepiece is a Shiva temple that resembles…

5. Manakamana Temple

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A tiered pagoda basking in Himalayan views, the mountaintop Manakamana Temple dates back to the 17th century, but was heavily damaged by the 2015…

6. Silkworm Farm

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An offbeat choice, a visit to Silkworm Farm takes you through the fascinating process of how silk is produced. The farm comprises orchards of mulberry…

7. Padma Library

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There's a random collection of beaten-up books here, including a few English ones, but this small library is better known for its striking 18th-century…

8. Bindebasini Temple

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At the northeast end of the bazaar (which is the main shopping strip) this ornate, two-tiered temple is dedicated to Durga. Its ancient walls are covered…