Hoba Meteorite


Near the Hoba Farm, the world’s largest meteorite was discovered in 1920 by hunter Jacobus Brits. This cuboid bit of space debris is composed of 82% iron, 16% nickel and 0.8% cobalt, along with traces of other metals. No one knows when it fell to earth (it’s thought to have been around 80,000 years ago), but since it weighs around 54,000kg, it must have made one hell of a thump.

In 1955, after souvenir hunters began hacking off bits to take home, the site was declared a national monument. There’s now a visitors information board, a short nature trail and a shady picnic area. Unless you have a specialised interest, however, it’s worth a quick stop only, and its size is not all that impressive.

From Grootfontein, follow the C42 towards Tsumeb. After 500m, turn west on the D2859 and continue 22km; then follow the clearly marked signs until you reach the complex.

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