Sake Nyein Zei


Myeik's municipal market is a colourful collection of enclosed stalls covering an entire city block.

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Nearby Myeik attractions

1. Clock Tower

0.06 MILES

Myeik's clock tower has gone digital, when the clock is working, and sits in the heart of town close to the market.

2. Theindawgyi Paya

0.08 MILES

Myeik's most venerated Buddhist temple, Theindawgyi Paya sits on a ridge overlooking the city and harbour. A beautiful, Mon-style ordination hall of wood,…

3. Myeik Harbour

0.09 MILES

Myeik's big harbourfront is worth a stroll to watch stevedores loading and offloading cargo from ships and the fishing boats preparing to go to sea. At…

6. Bu Paya Zedi

0.31 MILES

One of Myeik's many hilltop temples with views over the harbour and town, Bu Paya Zedi also has an appealingly abandoned feel and an abundance of mouldy,…

8. Mosque

0.59 MILES

Mosque in the heart of Myeik's Muslim quarter.