Kadan Island


If you want to see an island of the Myeik Archipelago without taking an expensive tour, catch the ferry from Sake Nge Jetty to Kadan Island, an hour from Myeik. Don't expect to find any beaches: Kadan is mostly forest and mangrove swamps (good for birdwatching). The ferry docks in Kyunsu, the 'capital' of Kadan, where there are a handful of simple restaurants. Motorcycle taxi drivers meet the boat and will take you to Nawarat Waterfall for K10,000 return.

Note that foreigners are not allowed to stay overnight and that you may be required to show your passport on arrival. There are two ferries daily to Kadan (K1500, one hour, 8am and noon). A sole ferry returns to Myeik at 3pm each day.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

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1. Nawarat Waterfall

0.76 MILES

This modest waterfall tumbles down over rocks into a large pool that's fine for swimming. Surrounded by forested hills and overlooked by a couple of small…

2. Pataw Padet Kyun

12.57 MILES

Directly opposite Myeik's harbour, this island is named for its two prominent hills. There are no beaches on the island. Instead, a large, hollow…

3. Myeik Harbour

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5. Bu Paya Zedi

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7. Sake Nyein Zei

13.73 MILES

Myeik's municipal market is a colourful collection of enclosed stalls covering an entire city block.

8. Clock Tower

13.78 MILES

Myeik's clock tower has gone digital, when the clock is working, and sits in the heart of town close to the market.