British Colonial Diplomat House

Myanmar (Burma)

A few hundred yards southwest of the bridge is a building that was once a British colonial diplomat house. The building was used as an interrogation centre by the Japanese in WWII, and many years later Aung San Suu Kyi and Michael Aris honeymooned here. The house is to the east of the lakeside Floral Breeze Hotel and is not open to the public.

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1. Antaka Yele Paya

0.18 MILES

Cross the road bridge to reach the wooden pier leading to pretty Antaka Yele Paya, a small pagoda perched on an island in the lake.

2. Phaung Daw U Paya

0.31 MILES

Between the road and rail bridges, west of the city centre, you won’t miss Phaung Daw U Paya, a temple housed in a giant floating barge shaped in the form…

3. Lake Meiktila


Lake Meiktila is the town’s premier attraction. There are no boating options, but you can cycle around some of it. Between the road and rail bridges, west…

4. Shwe Kyaung


A mile around the west end of Lake Meiktila, Shwe Kyaung is a walled monastery on the inland side of the road with Japanese signs leading to a WWII…