Dor Sor Bee

Eastern Myanmar

Dor Sor Bee, just east of Loikaw, is home to several Kayah animist shrines. The towering logs, whitewashed and topped with decorations meant to symbolise the sun and the moon, are gathering points during the Kayah New Year in April.

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1. Christ the King Cathedral

1.52 MILES

Kayah State has long been the stomping ground of Roman Catholic missionaries and is home to many churches. Christ the King was built in 1939 – making it…

3. Monument

1.59 MILES

This white monument sits in the centre of town.

4. Kayah Cultural Museum

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5. Afternoon Market

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Small and mellow riverside market in the centre of Loikaw that specialises in food and produce.

7. Poke Hpayone Paya

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Kayah State's largest monastery, Poke Hpayone Paya has some 500 monks in residence. It's to the east of Taung Kwe Zayde.

8. Taung Kwe Zayde

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