Shwe Myauk Taung

Myanmar (Burma)

A trio of whitewashed stupas perched on the southern city wall mark this eight-monk mini-monastery. It has its own little shortcut path-causeway across the moat and down the steps from the stupas.

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1. Nanmyin


All that remains of King Bagyidaw’s palace complex is this 90ft ‘leaning tower of Inwa’, shattered but patched up and still standing after the 1838…

2. Htilaingshin Paya


This whitewashed pagoda complex, topped with the occasional gold-leafed stupa, dates back to the Bagan period.

3. Maha Aungmye Bonzan

0.42 MILES

Built, unusually, of stucco-covered brick, this 1822 royal monastery temple is a rare survivor from the Ava era. The faded, sturdy structure looks very…

5. Daw Gyan

0.55 MILES

Within the green patchwork of paddies that forms a quilt over Inwa, a small temple perches on a tiny artificial island. This is Daw Gyan, a collection of…

6. Shwezigon Paya

0.67 MILES

This golden stupa rises photogenically above the overgrown southwestern corner of Inwa's city walls. The best view is from across the moat, especially in…

7. Inwa Archaeological Museum

0.67 MILES

This airy two-hall museum is mostly full of 19th-century marble buddha statues with their gold leaf rubbed off. More interesting is the giant 18th-century…

8. Sandamuni Paya

0.89 MILES

This large, gilded stupa is in Hantharwady village, opposite the crumbling remains of Le-htat-gyi Paya.