Shinmokhti Paya

Tanintharyi Region

Shinmokhti Paya dates back to 1438 and is one of four shrines in the country housing a Sinhalese buddha image supposedly incorporating pieces of the original Bodhi tree.

The temple is located about 6 miles south of Dawei; a round trip thoun bein stopping off here and at Shwethalyaung Daw Mu should cost K10,000.

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1. Shwethalyaung Daw Mu

2.29 MILES

Completed in 1931 and measuring 240ft long and 69ft high, Shwethalyaung Daw Mu is the largest reclining buddha in the country.

3. Division Development Committee

4.85 MILES

This pale-green, colonial-era building could almost be a church. It's not open to the public, but you can take photos from the garden in front of it.

4. Si Pin Tharyar Zei

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Dawei's main market has the usual selection of produce, clothes and household goods.

5. Payagyi

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Teyzit is really two sweeps of white sand, separated by a headland. The western side of the beach curves seductively and is one of the prettiest beaches…

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Dawei's most accessible beach, Maungmagan is a wide, sandy strip spanning approximately 7 miles along a pretty bay. On weekdays, and outside holiday…

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