Paradise Beach

Top choice in Tanintharyi Region

Backed by thick jungle, this splendid white-sand beach curves around a natural bay that is fine for swimming. On weekdays, you are likely to have it to yourself. There's OK snorkeling at the northern end of the beach; bring your own gear. There's a sole guesthouse: Myanmar Paradise Beach Bungalows and a few restaurants in the nearby village. It's also possible to camp here, but we don't advise it as stray dogs may trash your tent and belongings.

One drawback of the beach is that part of it is illuminated at night by floodlights, by order of the local government.

Paradise Beach is about two hours' drive south of Dawei, down a road that gets progressively worse the further south you go. The last 15 minutes, from the village nearest to the beach, is along a twisting jungle track. If you are not a confident and/or experienced motorbike driver, our advice is to take a taxi here.

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