Kya Kha Wain Kyaung

Myanmar (Burma)

The sight of some 500 monks and novices filing out in the early morning from one of largest monasteries in Myanmar to collect alms is worth getting up early for. You're free to wander around the complex but you might want to avoid the tour groups that tend to visit around 10.30am to see the monks eating lunch in a giant hall.

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1. Market

0.45 MILES

Bago's covered market is lively and best visited early in the day.

2. Clock Tower

0.51 MILES

Now digitised, the clock tower sits in the centre of town.

3. Hindu Temple

0.98 MILES

Surrounded by a moat and undergoing extensive restoration at the time of writing, this is Bago's principal Hindu temple.

4. Shwethalyaung Buddha

1.15 MILES

Following the destruction of Bago in 1757, this huge reclining buddha was overgrown by jungle and not rediscovered until 1881, when a contractor unearthed…

5. Kanbawzathadi Palace

1.16 MILES

At the heart of ancient Hanthawady was the Kanbawzathadi Palace. All that remains of the original are fragments of the huge teak posts that once held up…

6. Four Figures Paya

1.17 MILES

If you can’t get enough of buddha statues, check out these four buddha figures standing back to back. An adjacent open hallway has a small reclining…

7. Shwemawdaw Paya

1.17 MILES

A zedi (stupa) of washed-out gold in the midday haze and glittering perfection in the evening, the 374ft-high Shwemawdaw Paya lords it over Bago. At the…

8. Naung Daw Gyi Mya Tha Lyaung

1.21 MILES

This serene reclining buddha with chiselled facial features, sprawled out over 250ft, was built in 2002 with public donations. They're still raising money…