Lovers Park


On the southern edge of the Tetouan mellah (Jewish quarter) is this lovely tree-filled park, perfect for taking a break from the Ensanche and medina hustle and bustle. A cafe below the 16th-century medina wall above the park has tables carved out of the rock face and park-facing windows for enjoying the day.

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1. Tetouan Museum of Modern Art

0.11 MILES

Tetouan boasts one of only two schools of fine arts in Morocco (Casablanca has the other), so it's fitting that this museum should live here. The building…

2. Place Hassan II

0.22 MILES

The broad and empty Place Hassan II, which is mostly roped off for security reasons, links the medina to the Ensanche. It looks like it houses the Wizard…

3. Royal Palace

0.26 MILES

The Royal residence was built in 1988 in what was once Feddan Park. The palace is still active as King Mohammed VI has been known to visit during the…

4. Archaeology Museum

0.27 MILES

A few blocks from Place Al Jala is a small museum with an excellent collection of pottery and mosaics mostly from the Roman ruins at Lixus, displayed both…

5. Ensanche

0.27 MILES

Restored to resemble the era when Tetouan was capital of the Spanish protectorate, this broad boulevard along Ave Mohammed V from Place Al Jala to Place…

6. Dar El Oddi

0.28 MILES

The wealthy El Oddi family graciously opened their sparkling family riad to the public as a cultural centre in 2018, celebrating their beloved Tetouan…

7. Medina

0.33 MILES

Tetouan's medina is an authentic time machine, with buildings that have witnessed centuries of history. The medina is also very traveller-friendly, with…

8. Jewellery Souq

0.34 MILES

Tetouan is known for its artisans, and this is the spot in the medina where you'll find a collection of jewellery boutiques.