Playa del Chorillo


The bigger of Ceuta's two beaches, Playa del Chorillo is a little further from the city centre, but it's only slightly less busy. The water is a magnificent blue, but unfortunately, the sand is a bland grey.

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1. Museo de los Muralles Reales

1.53 MILES

This two-floor gallery houses temporary art exhibitions lasting four years each. Squeezed out of the fort's unforgiving architecture, it's a beautifully…

2. Murallas Reales

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The most impressive sight in Ceuta is the medieval Royal Walls, which date back over 1000 years and have been passed from Arab to Portuguese to Spanish…

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Ceuta's urban beach is jam-packed during summer with nearly nude Spaniards and fully clothed Moroccan women. The beach is lined with cafes and bars…

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