Fez in detail

Getting Around


Fez's bus service can be unreliable, packed like sardine cans at certain times of day, and are notorious for pickpockets. The standard fare is Dh3.50. Some useful routes:

Bus 9 Bouramana and Place Atlas via Blvd Chefchaouni (both in the Ville Nouvelle) to Place Batha (Fez El Bali); the bus returns via Ave Hassan II and Ave des FAR.

Bus 10 Train station via Bab Guissa (northern Fez El Bali) to Bab Sidi Bou Jida (northeastern Fez El Bali).

Bus 19 Train station via Ave Hassan II (in Ville Nouvelle) and Bab El Jdid (southern Fez El Bali) to Place R’cif (central Fez El Bali)

Car & Motorcycle


Drivers of the red petits taxis generally use their meters without any fuss, but tourists are often hassled by touts at the train station. Insist on the meter, or walk further to hail a taxi. Expect to pay about Dh12 from the train or CTM station to Bab Bou Jeloud. There is a 50% surcharge after 8pm. You’ll find taxi ranks outside all the gates of the medina, as well as at Place Batha. Only grands taxis go out to the airport.

There is a convenient petits taxis rank near the giant Borj Fes shopping centre at Place de la Résistance on the northern edge of the Ville Nouvelle.