Grotte du Chameau

Mediterranean Coast & the Rif Mountains

Named after the camel-shaped mountain above, Grotte du Chameau is an ancient network of limestone and dolomite caves, once used as shelter by early Homo sapiens who hunted in the area. The cave was also a useful source of flint for creating tools and starting fires. Unfortunately, the caves are almost always closed to visitors for safety precautions, but you can still peek through the bars or have a dip outside the cave mouth during summer.

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1. Grotte des Pigeons

3.11 MILES

Follow the throaty pigeon coos up the hill into the oldest known cemetery in North Africa. Traces of 80,000-year-old human remains have been unearthed…

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3. Banque Al Maghrib

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The blockish central bank just south of Place 16 Août was built during the French protectorate in the 1920s. It's constructed in the Franco-Moorish style.

4. Clock Tower

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6. Parc Lalla Aicha


Designed in the 1930s by René Maître, the city's chief architect, this beautiful park lined with magnificent trees and bright flowers is worth a stroll…