Upper Gate


The entrance to the Old Town is reached via a steep slope.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Ulcinj attractions

1. Ulcinj Museum

0.01 MILES

Just inside the Old Town walls, this small museum houses Roman and Ottoman artefacts and a relief map of the town.

2. Fountain

0.02 MILES

Just outside the Old Town museum, this 17th-century fountain (these days it's more like a tap) has an Arabic inscription, a crescent moon and flowers…

3. St Nicholas’ Cathedral

0.06 MILES

Colourful frescoes fill this Serbian Orthodox cathedral, set among a picturesque grove of gnarled olive trees just below the main gate to the Old Town. It…

4. Old Town

0.07 MILES

The ancient walled town overlooking Mala Plaža is largely residential and somewhat dilapidated, a legacy of the 1979 earthquake. This is part of its charm…

5. Pasha’s Mosque

0.16 MILES

The 1719 Pasha's Mosque is an elegant complex with a defunct hammam (Turkish bathhouse) attached.

6. Sailors' Mosque

0.18 MILES

Right on the waterfront, this imposing stone structure was completed in 2012, replacing a mosque (destroyed 1931) which predated the Ottomans. The…

7. Mala Plaža

0.21 MILES

Come July and August it's hard to see this little grin of a cove under all the suntanned flesh. If you're after a little more seclusion, go for a…

8. Liberty Monument

0.24 MILES

On the cliff above Mala Plaža, this imposing monument is a lovely piece of socialist art that’s now neglected and covered in graffiti. Its two V-shaped…