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If Mongolia’s yin is its pristine countryside, then Ulaanbaatar (UB) conforms nicely to its yang. An enormous city of pulsating commerce, wild traffic, sinful nightlife and bohemian counter-culture, the Mongolian capital elicits as much shock as it does excitement. The contrasts within the city can be exasperating too; Armani-suited businessmen rub shoulders with mohawked punks and del-clad nomads fresh off the... Read More

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Naadam Festival Mongolia

Wander the land that gave the world Genghis Khan and experience the rich pageantry and intense competitions of the legendary Naadam Festival. Witness giants wrestle, archers hit impossible targets and horses race across grasslands to glory. Travel the region’s steppes and sand dunes to uncover storied Buddhist monasteries and cultural treasures on this unique adventure. Overnight in gers with local families for extraordinary cultural experiences you won’t soon forget.

$2499 Nature & wildlife

Nomadic Mongolia

Long after the reign of Genghis Khan, nomadism remains a way of life in modern Mongolia. But with so much to see and do here, it’s only natural that people would want to move about and explore. This adventure taps into the nomadic lifestyle embraced by almost 40% of the local population, travelling through ruggedly beautiful gorges and sandstone mountains in search of golden eagles, desert gazelles and the Mongolian horse. And when you’re not moving, you’ll experience local customs up close, exploring rural villages and sleeping in traditional ger tents.

$1010 Small group tours

4-Day Mongolia Gobi Desert Tour

Unlike what most people think about the desert, the Mongolian Gobi desert is mostly vegetated, vast steppe and a home to a large number of camel herders. Due to its size and sparse in habitation, it instantly brings tranquility and evokes mysteries to its visitors. During this trip, we will reveal to you the most highlighting components of this legendary desert – Eagle Valley, Khongor sand dunes and Bayanzag, which was home to dinosaurs many years ago.

$379 Small group tours

3-Day Lunar New Year Experience

Do you want to celebrate Mongolian Lunar New Year as a member of a Mongolian nomadic family? Mongolian Lunar New Year is one of the most important national holidays of Mongolia. The herders celebrate the new year widely with tradition of greetings with snuff bottle exchanges and arm greetings. Highlights for this tour and celebration are playing traditional games, receiving gifts just for visiting and traveling on horse. The tour is a great chance to experience Mongolian customs and winter, while traveling in a comfortable transport and staying with a nomadic family.

$1234 Small group tours

5 Nights Central Mongolia Highlight Tour

You will experience beautiful scenery, fascinating historical sites and enjoy culture and fun on the way. You will be horse trekking through not only mountain steppe but also camel riding through deserts. We will then take you to the symbolic ruins of Chinggis Khaan's capital city Karakorum and visit the largest Erdene zuu monastery. Enjoy Mongolian authentic barbecue, prepared the traditional way - the meat is grilled with hot stones resulting in a great unique taste. This is a wonderful trip that enables you to experience Mongolia and collect amazing memories in a short time.

$1059 Sightseeing tours

Wilderness Golf Experience in Mongolia

We welcome you to a lush green field with a new 18-hole par 72 Championship Golf Course, a masterpiece of the highly acclaimed golf course. The Mt. Bogd Golf Club is located 13km southeast from Ulaanbaatar city in the beautiful valley of BogdKhaan Mountain. You will feel truly relax within 2 days in the wilderness in the Mongolian fresh air under the blue skies. We highly recommend this golf weekend tour to all of the visitors and business clients. This tour includes round-trip transfer between hotel and golf course, 18-holes at Mt. Bogd Golf Club. You will also have the chance to see the Chinggis Khaan stately statue.