Khökh Nuur

Western Mongolia

Simply meaning 'blue lake' (one of many so-named lakes in Mongolia), Khökh Nuur sits between Dayan Uul and Otgon Tenger. Just over 5km long, its grassy shoreline makes for excellent camping.

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1. Dayan Uul Rock Tower


Crowning a level platform of boulders atop Dayan Uul is this 30m-high sedimentary rock tower, draped with blue cloth and encircled by prayer wheels. The…

2. Tsagaan Nuur

4.02 MILES

The freshwater lake of Tsagaan Nuur reveals itself on the western approach to Dayan Uul.

4. Manchu Military Garrison

23.66 MILES

Apart from its foundations, nothing remains of the garrison established by Manchurian generals in 1733. It's a half-hour ramble across grassy meadows and…

6. Javkhlant Tolgoi

24.38 MILES

This hilltop near the river and to the northeast of Uliastai's main street features a pavilion, 11 stupas and the concrete likenesses of elk, ibex and…

7. Zavkhan History Museum

24.52 MILES

This decent aimag museum contains the bone of a mammoth, some fine religious art and a coral tsam mask, worn during lama dances. There are also a few…

8. Museum of Famous People

24.54 MILES

Next door to the History Museum (and included in its admission price) the Museum of Famous People features well-known Zavkhanites, including Mongolia’s…