Friendship Monument


This communist monument, located northeast of the bus station, depicts Russian and Mongolian women united in chaste appreciation of hard work, planned economies and traditional dress. How to get here? On the way from the town centre, you'll pass a fine mural of Karl Marx and the ever-recognisable profile of Lenin bolted to the wall (near the bus ticket window). Keeping walking northeast for about 100 metres.

Head north of the Friendship Monument into the hills above town for good views of the city.

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1. Museum of Orkhon Aimag

0.18 MILES

Hidden in a concrete complex on the right side of the Marx mural, this small museum has an eclectic range of exhibits, from Khalkha, Kazakh and Buriat…

2. Buddha Statue

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This big Buddha statue isn't particularly noteworthy as big Buddha statues go, but you can catch a good view from the city here. It can be accessed from…

3. Marx Mural

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Looking like a big, class-warfare-fighting Santa Claus, this portrait of ol' Karl proudly glowers on a building located near the Russian restaurant…

4. Bayan Öndör

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5. Erdenet Cultural Centre

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If Erdenet has a town centre, this cultural 'palace' is it. While the building itself is only slightly memorable, it often hosts temporary art exhibitions…

6. Bulgan Aimag Museum

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This museum on the main street has some information on obscure sights in the aimag; a display on J Gurragchaa (Mongolia’s first man in space), war photos…

7. Chin Van Khan Dorj Statue

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This statue memorialises Mijiddorjiin Khanddorj, also known as Chin Van Khan, a famous early 20th-century independence leader.

8. Aimag Monument

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This monument to everything Bulgan (city and aimag) sits by the banks of the Achuut Gol.