Cenote Sagrado

Chichén Itzá

From the Plataforma de Venus, a 250m rough stone sacbé (path) runs north to the huge sunken well that gave this city its name. The Sacred Cenote is some 60m in diameter and 35m deep. The walls between the summit and the water’s surface are ensnared in tangled vines and other vegetation, and sadly it's hard to see much of the water, but spare a thought for the children and adults sacrificed to the gods here over the centuries.

There are ruins of a small steam bath next to the cenote.

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1. Templo del Barbado

0.23 MILES

The structure at the ball court's north end, called the Temple of the Bearded Man after a carving inside it, has finely sculpted pillars and reliefs of…

2. Plataforma de los Cráneos

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The Platform of Skulls (Tzompantli in Náhuatl, a Maya dialect) is between the Templo de los Jaguares y Escudos and El Castillo. You can’t mistake it,…

3. Plataforma de Venus

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5. Templo de los Jaguares y Escudos

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8. El Castillo

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Upon entering Chichén Itzá, El Castillo (aka the Pyramid of Kukulcán) rises before you in all its grandeur. The first temple here was pre-Toltec, built…