Getting Around

Veracruz International Airport is small, modern and well organized, with a cafe and several shops. There’s no bus service to or from town; official taxis cost M$280 to the zócalo. You must buy a ticket upfront from a booth in the arrivals hall, which helps to avoid being ripped off. Going the other way, just M$160 is the going rate, but agree on a price before you get in.

To get downtown from the 1st-class bus station, take a bus marked ‘Díaz Mirón y Madero’ (M$10). It will head to Parque Zamora then up Avenida Madero. For the zócalo, get off on the corner of Avenida Madero and Lerdo and turn right. Returning to the bus stations, pick up the same bus going south on Avenida 5 de Mayo. Booths in the 1st- and 2nd-class stations sell taxi tickets to the center (zócalo area; M$45 to M$50). In some hotels, such as the Gran Hotel Diligencias, you can get a summary sheet of official taxi-ride costs, which is helpful for guarding against tourist price inflation.

Buses marked ‘Mocambo-Boca del Río’ (M$10 to Boca del Río) leave regularly from the corner of Avenida Zaragoza and Arista, near the zócalo; they go via Parque Zamora and Blvd Camacho to Playa Mocambo (20 minutes) and on to Boca del Río (30 minutes). AU buses also go there from the 2nd-class station.