Mexico, Banderas Bay, Small Bay at Boca de Tomatlan

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Boca de Tomatlán

Puerto Vallarta

Boca de Tomatlán is a seaside village that’s less commercialized than Puerto Vallarta and a good place to munch ceviche tostadas on the beach. You can get water taxis from here to more remote beaches further along the bay. It's 16km from Puerto Vallarta, beyond Mismaloya, southwest along the coast.

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1. Playa de las Ánimas

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This beach, just beyond Las Ánimas, has a waterfall accessible by a half-hour hike or by hiring a horse (M$300) on the beach to take you up.

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The handiest beach to the Zona Centro is Playa Olas Altas, just south of the Río Cuale.