Museo de los Pintores Oaxaqueños

Oaxaca City

Changing exhibitions by artists from Oaxaca and elsewhere – often provocative contemporary work.

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2. Templo de San Felipe Neri


The 18th-century baroque Templo de San Felipe Neri is where Benito Juárez and Margarita Maza were married in 1843; Margarita was the daughter of Antonio…

3. Zócalo

0.12 MILES

Traffic-free, shaded by tall trees and surrounded by elegant portales (arcades), the Zócalo is the perfect place to start soaking up the Oaxaca atmosphere…

4. Museo Rufino Tamayo

0.12 MILES

A top-class museum, even by Oaxaca's high standards, showing off a wondrous collection of pre-Hispanic art donated by the city's most famous artist,…

6. La Mano Mágica

0.13 MILES

You’ll find art by leading figures such as Tamayo and Morales, plus a fine selection of handicrafts and rugs, at this commercial gallery founded by the…

7. Iglesia de La Compañía

0.15 MILES

Finely carved facades adorn the colonial Iglesia de La Compañía on the opposite side of the Zócalo to the cathedral.

8. Palacio de Gobierno

0.16 MILES

A 19th-century wonder of marble and murals, the State Government Palace occupies the Zócalo's southern flank. The large, very detailed stairway mural …