Guanajuato City, Guanajuato, Mexico

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Museo de las Momias


This famous museum is one of the most bizarre (some might say distasteful) sights in Mexico. The popular attraction is a quintessential example of Mexico's acceptance of, celebration of and obsession with death; visitors come from all over to see more than 100 disinterred corpses.

While technically these are mummified remains – due to the dry atmosphere in their former crypts – the bodies are not thousands of years old. The first remains were unearthed in 1865 to make room for more bodies in the cemeteries. What the authorities uncovered were not skeletons but mummified flesh (many feature grotesque forms and facial expressions).

Some people will be horrified by this macabre collection (it's certainly not suitable for children), but many others are oddly fascinated and then leave wondering if it's normal that they found it so interesting (at least we think other people find it interesting, but perhaps that's just this writer…).

The ticket also includes entry into the Museum of the Cult of the Dead though it's really just more of the same done in a more Disneyesque manner.

The complex is on the western edge of town, a 10-minute ride from Avenida Juárez on any 'Momias' bus (M$8).

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