Misión Cusárare

The Copper Canyon & Ferrocarril Chihuahua Pacífico

This mission was built by Jesuits in 1741 as a religious meeting place as well as a school to teach the locals Spanish and different trades. In 1826 Franciscan friars added side altars, a choir loft and an adobe bell tower; the last collapsed in 1969, taking down a corner of the church with it. The church was repaired and restored in the early 1970s, adding striking Rarámuri patterned murals. A new stone bell tower was built too.

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1. Museo Loyola

0.03 MILES

Sitting alongside the Cusárare Mission church, this museum holds an exceptional collection of colonial religious paintings.

2. Lago Arareko

8.17 MILES

Meaning 'Horseshoe' in Rarámuri, the peaceful waters of this U-shaped lake reflect the surrounding pines and rock formations. Paddleboats can be rented…

3. Valle de los Monjes

9.22 MILES

Around 7km east of San Ignacio's town center, through verdant farmland, is the Valle de los Monjes. A spectacular outcrop of vertical red rock formations…

4. Misión San Ignacio

9.84 MILES

This simple stone church was built in the 18th century as a Jesuit mission, used to periodically give mass to, well, the masses. No priest lived here full…

5. Valle de las Ranas y los Hongos

9.93 MILES

San Ignacio's main road leads into the Valle de las Ranas y los Hongos, 2km from the western edge of town and named for its respectively fat-and-squashed…

6. Museo de Arte Popular de Chihuahua

11.92 MILES

Offers excellent exhibits with text in English on local history and Rarámuri culture and crafts. Here you’ll see gorgeous woven baskets, traditional…