Quinta Gameros

Historic Building in Chihuahua

Image by Sabrina Dalbesio Getty Images

Built in an incredibly elaborate belle epoque architectural style by a wealthy mine owner, this museum is filled with a mix of period furnishings and art. Every room is unique, with quality stained glass and ornate carved wood and moldings. Upstairs, several rooms have temporary art exhibits. Definitely worth a look around, as it is one of Chihuahua's most unforgettable buildings.

Manuel Gameros started building Quinta Gameros in 1907 as a wedding present for his much younger fiancée, Elisa Muller. By the time it was finished three years later, she had died, and soon afterward the Revolution began and the Gameros family fled Mexico. To add yet more color to the story, some guides tell that Elisa fell for Colombian architect Julio Corredor and ran off with him instead.