Museo Historico de la Revolución

Chihuahua & Central North Mexico

Housed in Quinta Luz, Pancho Villa's 48-room former mansion, this museum is a must-see for anyone who appreciates a made-for-Hollywood story of crime, stakeouts and riches. The interior is loaded with Villa’s personal effects and photographs, and in the back courtyard you'll find the bullet-riddled black Dodge that Villa was driving when he was murdered. Information is in Spanish and English.

After his assassination in 1923, 25 of Villa’s ‘wives’ filed claims for his estate. Government investigations determined that Luz Corral de Villa was the generalísimo’s legal spouse; the mansion was awarded to her and became known as Quinta Luz. She opened the museum and the army acquired it after her death in 1981.

The rear of the museum concentrates on Mexican revolutionary history with detailed signage, newspaper articles, weapons and other artifacts.

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