Parroquia de San José


Xalapa's oldest church was founded back in 1535, with the current building completed in 1770. Architecturally, it displays an unusual blend of baroque and Mudejar styles, including some horseshoe arches. Your best chance of finding it open is to head here during services on Sunday.

Directly behind is the Mercado Alcalde y García, a covered market spiced up by some cool cafe-restaurants in the lower levels.

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Nearby Xalapa attractions

1. Galería de Arte Contemporáneo


Xalapa has several contemporary art galleries and this one, in a renovated colonial building 1km east of the center, shows an interesting range of…

2. Palacio de Gobierno

0.42 MILES

Veracruz' state government occupies a palatial neoclassical building. On its north and east facades, under the arcades, are superb murals depicting…

3. Catedral Metropolitana

0.43 MILES

A mélange of neo-Gothic and baroque, Xalapa’s cathedral lacks a second tower but still impresses with its scale and grandiosity. The architecture makes…

5. Parque Juárez

0.51 MILES

Xalapa's central main square doubles as a terrace, with its south side overlooking the valley below and, in clear weather, the snowcapped cone of Pico de…

6. El Ágora de la Ciudad

0.51 MILES

This modern municipal art gallery, hosting a variety of temporary exhibitions, includes an auditorium that is used for film screenings and other events.

7. Pinacoteca Diego Rivera

0.54 MILES

This small gallery houses a modest collection of Rivera’s works, and also exhibits paintings by other Mexican artists.

8. Museo Casa de Xalapa

0.54 MILES

For a quick exposé of Xalapan history, head to this museum in an old colonial house close to Parque Juárez. Exhibits (in Spanish) run the gamut from…