Quatre Bornes Market


On Thursday and Sunday scores of locals flock to the city to rummage through stall upon stall at this bustling produce and textile market; there's also a popular veggie market on Saturday. Frequent bus services operate between Rose Hill, Port Louis and the bus station in Quatre Bornes (beside the town hall). Buses for Curepipe, Floréal and Flic en Flac stop at regular intervals along St Jean Rd.

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1. MCB Building

1.02 MILES

Perhaps Mauritius' most striking modern architectural creation is the MCB Building in Quatre Bornes, an eye-like structure by the M1 motorway as you…

2. Mauritius Glass Gallery

1.45 MILES

The Mauritius Glass Gallery produces unusual souvenirs made from recycled glass. You can see pieces being made using traditional glass-blowing methods in…

3. Maison Le Carne

1.85 MILES

This attractive Creole manse houses the Mauritius Research Council.

4. Municipality of Beau Bassin-Rose Hill

1.89 MILES

Architecture buffs will appreciate the unusual Creole structure housing the Municipality of Beau Bassin-Rose Hill. The building was constructed in 1933 as…

5. Eureka

3.49 MILES

If you're only going to visit one attraction related to Mauritius' rich colonial history, choose Eureka. This perfectly preserved Creole mansion was built…

6. Trou aux Cerfs

4.12 MILES

About 1km west of central Curepipe, the Trou aux Cerfs is a dormant volcanic crater some 100m deep and 1km in circumference. The bowl is heavily wooded…

7. Botanical Gardens

4.66 MILES

The slightly shabby gardens of Curepipe were created in 1870 to foster foliage that thrived in cooler weather – the grounds in Pamplemousses proved far…

8. Carnegie Library

4.73 MILES

The stone building with the distinctive neoclassical porch houses the municipal Carnegie Library. Its collection includes rare books on Mauritius dating…