Sliema, St Julian’s & Paceville

Seaside tower built by the British in Gothic style in the 19th century; now houses a restaurant.

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1. Sliema Beach

0.17 MILES

The Sliema waterfront is edged by flattish rocks, with stepped access at various points. It's a good place to swim from, though the water tends to be deep…

2. Stella Maris

0.23 MILES

'Our Lady Star of the Sea' was built in 1877. On the third Sunday in August, the church's revered Our Lady Stella Maris statue is paraded through nearby…

3. Sacred Heart Church

0.44 MILES

Built in 1872 by Paul Vella, a Valletta priest. During WWII, the church's Franciscan friary was bombed and 23 people were tragically killed.

4. St Julian's Tower

0.52 MILES

A fortified coastal tower, built in the 17th century by Grand Master de Redin.

5. Tigné Point (The Point)

0.53 MILES

Tigné Point, a promontory east of Sliema, was one of the sites where the Turkish commander Dragut Reis ranged his cannons to pound Fort St Elmo during the…

7. Tigné Fort

0.63 MILES

Polygonal fort built by the Knights in 1793 to defend Marsamxett Harbour and later occupied by the British.

8. Lazzaretto di San Rocco

0.78 MILES

A 17th-century plague hospital on the south side of Manoel Island. More recently, the hospital served as an isolation hospital during WWI and was last…