Dwejra Bay & Dwejra Point

Top choice in Gozo

The collapsed cavern of Dwejra Bay has been invaded by the sea, and is guarded by the brooding bulk of Fungus Rock. A path below Dwejra (Qawra) Tower leads to a flight of stairs cut into the rock, leading down to a little slipway on the edge of the bay. There is good swimming and sunbathing here.

For even more peace, you can hike right around to the cliff top on the far side of the bay, for a view encompassing Fungus Rock and Dwejra Point and, between them, Crocodile Rock (seen from near Dwejra Tower it looks like a crocodile's head).

The broad horizontal shelf of rock to the south of Dwejra Point has been eroded along the geological boundary between the globigerina limestone and the lower coralline limestone – the boundary is marked by a layer of many thousands of fossilised scallop shells and sand dollars (a kind of flattened, disc-shaped sea urchin).