Marine Park Information Centre

Pulau Tioman

With coral displays, short videos and plenty of information on marine flora and fauna, this centre, north of Tekek Airport, is a worthwhile stop particularly for divers and snorkellers as well as anyone wishing to discover more about Tioman's natural environment.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Pulau Tioman attractions

1. Kampung Tekek

0.75 MILES

Tioman’s commercial hub is a good, strategic central location from which to explore the rest of the island, and the beach on the southern end of town is…

2. Kampung Air Batang

0.94 MILES

ABC's beach is usually best at the southern and northern ends, although the sands are constantly shifting so this is changeable. Quite a bit of the…

3. Monkey Beach

2.46 MILES

This delightful white-sand beach can be reached on the hike towards Salang from ABC.

4. Monkey Bay

2.67 MILES

This lovely, deserted bay can be discovered on the hike to Salang. If doing the hike to Salang from ABC, cross the bridge to follow the power cables.

5. Kampung Juara

3.47 MILES

Its sleepy hideaway bliss is slightly ended by the road crossing the island interior, but Juara remains lovely, offering two long stretches of wide, white…

6. Kampung Salang

3.64 MILES

The backpacker haven of Kampung Salang is around the headland north of ABC, Monkey Beach and Monkey Bay. Come to snorkel off nearby Coral Island, do a…

7. Kampung Paya

4.01 MILES

The moderately priced resorts here, offering all-inclusive packages, make Paya popular with Singaporeans, the mainland Chinese and the organised-tour set…

8. Kampung Genting

5.25 MILES

The beach here is fairly built up, but the surroundings have an appealing kampung (village) atmosphere. A good spot for meeting local fishermen.