Kampung Paya

Pulau Tioman

The moderately priced resorts here, offering all-inclusive packages, make Paya popular with Singaporeans, the mainland Chinese and the organised-tour set looking to snorkel off Paya beach. The rocky seabed and shallow water means it's not great for swimming but the walk from Tekek is a great and not-too-strenuous hike (but considerably further from ABC).

If walking from Tekek, follow the road past Berjaya Tioman Resort alongside the golf course to the Selesa Tioman residence, where the road stops. Then you must hike through the jungle to Kampung Paya; make sure you follow the electricity cables, suspended from concrete posts labelled 'PAYA'; don't stray into the interior and do carry enough water. You can continue to hike to Genting along a further 40-minute trek that commences along the path at the south end of Paya beach. To return to Tekek or ABC from Kampung Paya, you can wait for the ferry from Mersing, or take a water taxi.