Kampung Juara

Pulau Tioman

Its sleepy hideaway bliss is slightly ended by the road crossing the island interior, but Juara remains lovely, offering two long stretches of wide, white sandy beach – Barok and Mentawak – separated by a small hill and boulder outcrop. Turtles nest mainly on Mentawak, where you can find the turtle sanctuary. Juara is Tioman's top surfing location during the monsoon season and diving operators can be found here too.

All the places to stay in Juara overlook the magnificent beaches; a few places hire out kayaks (RM20 per hour), surfboards (RM20 per hour), paddleboards (RM35 per hour), bicycles (RM35 per day) and motorbikes (RM80 per day). To get here, either hire a motorbike or scooter and take the road, walk the road (not recommended, it's around 9km and steep in long parts, and you need to take tons of water), or trek through the jungle along the path that follows the electricity cable. Some cyclists cycle the road to Juara, but it's very hardgoing and punishing – go early in the morning. The shorter cross-island path through the jungle leads from near the mosque in Tekek which is signposted down a road a short distance south of the jetty (take lots of water); the hard road heads to Juara from around 500m north of Berjaya Tioman Resort.

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