Muar High School


Set up by the British, construction on this lovely white, colonnaded high school was completed in 1915.

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1. Masjid Jamek Sultan Ibrahim Muar


This incredible light-blue- and white-painted, blue-roofed, overblown Victorian fantasy was completed in 1927 at a cost of RM10,000; it's a magnificent…

2. Sultan Abu Bakar Building

0.22 MILES

Red-roofed and painted light blue and white, this imposing and grand copy of the Istana Besar (Grand Palace) in Johor Bahru today houses the Muar Land…

3. Tanjung Emas Park

0.28 MILES

This pleasant riverside park is well worth a stroll for views of sunset, or early in the morning.

4. Royal Customs and Excise Building

0.47 MILES

Today painted blue and yellow, with the date 1909 on its domed clock tower, this was once the Muar Railway Station Building. Look out for it on the north…

5. Chinese Opera Mural

0.54 MILES

Tucked away behind the four-storey Kwong Siu Building on Jln Ali (between Jln Sisi and Jln Sayang) are some blue-painted buildings, one of which is…

6. 'The Loving Sisters'

0.87 MILES

Look out for this terrific black and white mural of two sisters on the side of a building by the roundabout as Jln Arab meeets Jln Bakri. The 12m-high…

7. Muzium Pulau Besar

16.39 MILES

This small but informative museum illustrates the island's culture, history and spiritual significance, in particular its role as a rest point and source…