Menara Taming Sari

Melaka City

Melaka's revolving viewing deck looks worryingly like a theme-park ride without the seat belts. Luckily, this is a leisurely thrill ride and one with air-con. The UFO-shaped chamber atop this 80m-high tower slowly rotates as it ascends and descends, allowing panoramic views of Melaka City, with binoculars provided. Tickets are on sale in the adjacent building. Other attractions here are the 3D Mini Rider (RM5) and bumper cars (adult/child RM10/5).

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Nearby Melaka City attractions

1. Maritime Museum & Naval Museum


Embark on a voyage through Melaka's maritime history at these linked museums, all covered by the one ticket. The most enjoyable of the Maritime Museum's…

2. Porta de Santiago

0.17 MILES

Most visitors pause for a photo here before hiking to the ruined church on Bukit St Paul. Porta de Santiago was built as a Portuguese fortress in 1511;…

3. St Paul's Church

0.17 MILES

The evocative and sublime ruin of St Paul's Church crowns the summit of Bukit St Paul overlooking central Melaka. Steep stairs from Jln Kota or Jln Chang…

4. Proclamation of Independence Memorial

0.22 MILES

Centuries of Melaka's history are explained within this handsome 1912 mansion that used to house the Malacca Club, a one-time social hub of British…

5. Melaka Malay Sultanate Water Wheel

0.22 MILES

In 2006, work on the Menara Taming Sari revolving tower uncovered another part of the city's fortress walls. The revolving tower was relocated further…

6. History & Ethnography Museums Complex

0.22 MILES

The ground floor of the Stadthuys houses Melaka's most interesting museum, which focuses on the city's fascinating history and ethnography. Exhibits…

7. Stadthuys

0.22 MILES

This former town hall and governor's residence dates to the 1650s and is believed to be the oldest Dutch building in the East. It functioned as State…

8. Sultanate Palace

0.23 MILES

This wooden replica of the palace of Sultan Mansur Shah, who ruled Melaka from 1456 to 1477, houses an open-air cultural museum and lovely gardens. The…